Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old Union Baptist, Church History, Post 21 of 21

Front Cover of the Union Baptist 150th Anniversary History Book, Published in 1948.

This is the last blog post in a series of image scans of the 150th Anniversary booklet, produced in 1948 for Union Baptist Church, Cadogan/Slate Lick, Pennsylvania. The church is often known as Old Union, and is the starting point for the religious history of many Armstrong County families, notably the Claypool(e)'s.

I have scanned all the images from the booklet in reverse order. So while this is the last blog entry, it is the beginning of the book.

This allows you to progress through the book in normal order. The booklet lists no copyright and no publisher.

Some of the individual articles are attributed, others are not. The book has an embossed cardboard wrap (off white/cream with brown printing) for a cover and features 35 numbered pages, one un-numbered page, and an errata slip taped to the inside rear cover.

My thanks to James H. Cook, Jr. for allowing me to reproduce this book from his library.


  1. First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to compile & post all of this information online.. that is quite a task! Second, to anyone who might be able to help me out, I have a huge box of late 1800's, possibly early 1900's Claypool family pictures that were passed down to me. They are more than likely from the W.C. Claypool line but are probably of cousins, neighbors, etc. MANY of them are not labeled. Eventually, I would like to get them all scanned onto a website, but, in the mean time, if anyone has much knowledge in this line of Claypools, please contact me at walter at hotmail. Thanks!

  2. My mother, Charlotte Pauline Claypoole & my Dad, Cyrus Earl Miller are buried at Union Baptist Cemetery. Mom was a member of the church there.