Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old Union Baptist Church History, Post 2 of 21

Page 36 which is un-numbered, and blank, and the interior of the back cover with attached errata note.

Old Union Baptist Church History, Post 1 of 21

This is the first blog post in a series of image scans of the 150th Anniversary booklet, produced in 1948 for Union Baptist Church, Cadogan/Slate Lick, Pennsylvania.  The church is often known as Old Union, and is the starting point for the religious history of many Armstrong County families, notably the Claypoole's.

I will be scanning each page or sometimes two pages per blog posting and I will be scanning the images from the booklet in reverse order.  This will allow anyone to progress through the book in normal order when the scans are finished.  The booklet lists no copyright and no publisher.  Some of the individual articles are attributed, others are not.  The book has an embossed cardboard wrap (off white/cream with brown printing) for a cover and features 35 numbered pages, one un-numbered page, and an errata slip taped to the inside rear cover.

This blog therefore begins with the rear cover:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our common fate...

A dual portrait that my wife picked up in a local antique store, it is apparently the same man as a young teen or maybe a little younger, and then as a young man in a bathing suit on a pier with the ocean just visiable behind him, circa 1910 and 1920.

The newer photo was over top of the other in a brass frame.  Not bad for 50 c. 
Just an odd and strangley evocative set of pictures, I wonder who he was...
and will we all end up as unknown photos in someone's Antique shop someday soon.
Sic transit gloria.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Short Skirts - Song

An interesting cultural artifact from the beginnings of the feminist movement (on a popular level) from 1930 Pittsburgh, PA.  The song was a companion piece to a matching Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news series.  It is odd, very dated, but revealing nonetheless.  The composer Sammy Mysels was recorded by Artie Shaw, The Inkspots, and Anne Shelton, (all still available via the internet as CD's or downloads - see the Naxos and IMDB websites) and a cursiory internet biography search reveals very little about him: born November 17, 1906 in Pittsburgh, and he dies in 1974.  His music is noted as having been used in film and television including The Lawerence Welk show and several 1940's singing cowboy westerns some starring Gene Autry.  Several online Jazz 78 collection catalogs list his works recorded by various artists in the 1930's and 40's.  He frequently collaborated with other composers when writing (a common practice then and now in pop-music).  The Lyricist, Joe Hiller, may be a psudenomn for Kim Josephson.  Joe Hiller is found on a large variety of sheet music online or in collections dated from 1915 to the early 1950's.  FAQ's website listed Hiller/Josephson's death as 1954.  I cannot vouch for the realibility of this information.  Hopefully an obit. for either or both can be located to those who may be interested in this item.

Short Skirts Song - Page 2

Short Skirts Song - Page 3

Short Skirts Song - Page 4

John Dwight & Co., Cow Brand Soda - Advertising Card

Late 19th century Advertising - Just for Fun!

John Dwight & Co., Cow Brand Soda

Just some late 19th century advertising for fun.