Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yellow Dog Limestone Mine and Plant, circa 1919

My second photo of the U. S. Steel owned Limestone Mines at Yellow Dog (Shadyside Village), Pennsylvania (near Worthington, PA)

Monday, November 2, 2009

2 Tioga County, Sprague Family Documents

Side 1 of a handwritten document from circa 1890 bearing a digest of family information pertaining to the Sprague family.  Click on the image to see it full sized.

Here is the second side with the actual genealogical information.  My transcription follows below the third image.

A Wellsboro Grange Memorial Card for Albert Sprague. 1914

All of these items were located in a volume of poetry by Lord Byron that I purchased Saturday at an auction in Richmond Township, Tioga County.  If the Wellsboro & Tioga Historical Society will except them they will be donated there as soon as possible.

Transcription of Sprauge Family information from the document image above.

From Page 1 is in pencil a note that reads: "Found what you want I think Al."

The rest of the folded note has written dates that have been subtracted to derive ages. 

On the verso at the top is a strange and random string of words in pen.  My wife remarked they almost read like a magic incantation, whatever they were, I have no idea, so I've omitted them here.  Underneath the information is written out as a chart, any editorial notes are in square brackets [thus], the information is written in two hands using two kinds of ink, and some information in pencil - some of the pencil dates over-write and correct the original pen.  I will list both if the original is still elgiable.

                                              Born when          and                 died
Thomas Sprague                    May 5 1799                     Aug      1874
Moria  [or Maria]  Sprague    Jan 3 1807                       July 10 1881

George W Sprague                Feb 5 1827                                  1876
Maria L Sprague                    Oct 18 1828                         [blank]
Melissa B. Sprague                July 15 1829                          1859

[I think from the ink and the fact that this date runs agains the edge so closely that it actually refers to Josaphene below]

Josaphene Sprague                April 20 1831                       died July 4
                                                                                 [1859 - see above]

[Josaphene's birthdate may be 1836 the crease in the paper has obscured the date]

Hiram M Sprague                  May 18 1838                      [blank]
Hellen M Sprague                  June 12 1837
Henrietta S [or J] Sprague      March 20 1841                   188
[Death date incomplete in pencil]
Hannah P Sprague                 Feb 16 1848
[For Hannah's birth date a pencil 8 written overtop of 6, no death date]

Arthur T Sprague                    Aug 20 1848              Dec 13 1884
[for birthdate a pencil 8 written over original 7]
Mary E Sprague                      Dec 20 1850                             [blank]
Albert R Sprague                     Oct 26 1852                              [blank]